Free Culture Media is done

It's of course possible we'll be back some day, but I'm not calling it a hiatus. Everybody has new projects.

Any further explanation is mostly a waste of time from those other projects. The earliest you might see something new here is July 2017 after Doug's wedding, but I wouldn't hold your breath.

We're still here

The biggest news is that we dropped Sportazine. Dropping Sportazine will allow me to pay more attention to this site, though I suspect posts will still be infrequent. I wouldn't expect any big news for about a year. It's hard to say with any certainty, of course, but I've got to get settled in Minnesota, and get Music Manumit back "on track." If you listen to the last few episodes of Music Manumit, you'll know what I mean. I'll be back when we have more big news to share!

About Us

This site has been a long time coming. I've always wanted the focus to be on the members, because Free Culture Media (formerly Netizen Empowerment Federation) came out of OSP, Sportazine, and Music Manumit, so I resisted having something central. Also, I figured people could just read our Articles of Incorporation and ByLaws. Those two documents make it very clear what we are about. Additionally, for a long time we weren't really sure what Free culture Media (FCM) was going to be. We still aren't. Perhaps having an "About Us" page will finally help people understand our direction.

New Direction: We are Looking at Other Legal Statuses than 501(c)(3)

The last time I looked at this post way April 6th. A lot has happened in that time, but much of it is not pertinent to the new direction, though some of it is, and some of it will be relevant to the future of NEF. I will write about other aspects later. For now, I want to focus on the new direction.

Nothing is definite about us leaving 501(c)(3) status. We are still weighing our options.

New: Post, Members, Domain, Reddit, Direction?

New Members
It's possible I mentioned this in a previous post, but it's not in the summary and certainly not on the titles. and have both joined NEF.

New Domain now points to!

Not Dead, Just Busy

Music Manumit was recently featured on the Free Music Archive and there was a link to the NEF site, so I thought it was time for an update. You can see that our sites are still going strong by the updates on the right side bar. There is a lot more going on though.

Upcoming Meetings

We are having our planning meeting for our documentary project on October 11 at 20:30 (8:30PM) US ET. This meeting will happen on Google Hangouts. Please let me know if you'd like an invite. One of the main topics at this meeting will be figuring out if we want to do a smaller project before the 2018 FIFA World Cup. We'll also decide if we want to turn the 2018 World Cup into a straight free culture journalism project, or if we want to stick with the original documentary project.

Summer Kazahkstans and November Plans

Five Important Things are happening this summer (some of it technically spring).

First, Sportazine will be launching a crowd-funding campaign on June 12th. Keep looking back here for more details!

Second, I don't normally announce Music Manumit guests on the NEF blog, but we're going to have on our first Central Asian guest - from Kazahkstan. You can watch the interview live.


Join us for our next Comic Meeting on May 4th

We will be meeting via Google Hangout on May 4th at 1PM (13:00) US ET.

While it would be better for the world (and easier to keep up) if you joined us on a federated social network such as, GNU Social or Diaspora, you can follow NEF on Google+.


Neffie the Heffie Comic (First Draft)

Below is something NEF has been working on. Eventually we'd like to crowdfund a print copy, but right now we don't have any art to entice people to join our project. We're working on that and if you'd like to help out, please let us know. The following script is released under CC BY-SA (just as the final project eventually will be). The author is Michael McGrew.

Also, if you look at our first post, you'll see I accidentally posted this as a comment. Still not accustomed to Drupal versus WordPress!


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